Thursday, November 30, 2017

its beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go..........

got my first Christmas card
from my niece Alicia
OMG so cute. her doxie Brody
went to visit Santa and was 
sooooooo excited
what a perfect card!

and I have been doing up the baskets
or the basket brigade
got neighbor, boss, bear brother, maintenance man
and now need to get deer brother done
and figure out guys at work

like my bow?  this one is a cool basket too

for maintenance man

and oh my
what is this
from Jenny?
she must love me 

you shouldnt have

I will wrap it so you wont get in trouble
 hee hee


Donna said...

You are really generous to your maintenance man! He must be a great one; I would agree a great maintenance man is priceless!!! Your baskets are beautiful!!!

Julierose said...

Loving your baskets--you do a super job on them--so festive!! Took out my pre-set up December Daily scrapbook for this year...all
ready for pictures and decorating...
"Sleigh bells ring, are ya listnin?"
No snow in the lane as yet--thankfully, as we need to finish up our leaves....hugs (hope your computer gets better soon...)Julierose said...

Beautiful baskets.

barbara woods said...

Glad dunk got that you

Jeanna said...

Your baskets are gorgeous...too pretty to unwrap.

Dunkin was very nice to you :)