Sunday, November 19, 2017

next on the list

this beauty arrived
and I may need to put it up
I know I know
it is before Thanksgiving
and I normally dont do that
this year will be me and hubs for
the holiday
and I have the day after off
(last minute they told us we can use our
vac or sick time but can have it off)

I want to get it up
and decorated
and the gifts under it

I may need these little elves to make me some ornaments
I dont have any as I have given them all to the 
kiddos when we downsized

I think a handmade Christmas is in order
what do you think?

I have some of those glass balls
that we can marble with the paints
and that will look nice
I also need to get those eye hook things
for my woodburned ones
and maybe make some deer antler ones
and cinnamon stick trees etc

some easy peasy ones
and they will look cute

what is next on YOUR list?

I may need to throw together a tree skirt too

I am thankful for preholiday sales
allowing me to get a new tree
very cheaply

2 comments: said...

LOL you are too cute getting ready for the holidays.

barbara woods said...

i do that after thanksgiving when i get in the mood but i don't have a new tree! have fun