Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Do any of you make ornaments with the kids?
or just for yourself? 
look at these cuties that Jacky made
a cute easy snowman

a tin soldier out of a clothespin

and a hat out of yarn and part of a 
paper towel core

so so cute.......

I found these again
yeah dont judge.......I had put them in a "safe place"
safe from ME LOL
so now can do a few up each night

love these and will coat them with some varnish or shellac
to preserve them

I am thinking of those little eye hook things
to use for hanging with ribbon at top

do You make ornaments?

today I am thankful I was lucky enough to have a crafty
family who loved to draw and paint and make things


Julierose said...

I had made 3 needlepoint ornaments years ago when my kids were really little--Last year each child got one for their tree and i kept one. Every year I gift them my one of my Grand-mere's real glass (and old) ornaments...I figure this way they'll get used and perhaps remember her...hugs, Julierose said...

Once upon a time. But no more. But I like it when the kids make me ornaments.

barbara woods said...

i keep looking for one that i want to make but haven't found one yet

Rosemary Dickinson said...

So cute! They will look great on your tree! Love home made ornaments best!