Monday, November 6, 2017

regrouping again

after being sick last week
and then eye dr telling me I needed
cataract surgery
I decided to regroup and get more done on the list
the doxie pillow MUST BE DONE

this afghan needs to be finished 
and my niece loaned me her HUGE sticks
that her Dad made her of PVC pipe
so I can try them on the next one
we will see how it goes..........

the next deer quilt needs to be finished.......

and one started using these guys
and some turkey blocks
for Landon

some pillowcases for tuck ins
and a few other little odds and ends
and then I think the rest are going to get gift cards

the purple and pink also needs to get done
gotta pick back or piece it
and layer it up

today I am thankful for the chance to start over


Julierose said...

Glad you are feeling better and can pare down your list..I haven't even begun on mine...
Hugs your other early riser julierose said...

Yep sometimes we need to regroup. You will get it done.

barbara woods said...

surgery is a piece of cake. just need some one to drive you home