Wednesday, November 29, 2017

shopping to round things out

went shopping with the niece
she is so funny
and glad that this year
she is done with her list 
and happy about what she made or got

she got me this red truck for my tree
such a sweetie
and I got her a new coat for work
she even gave me my first Christmas card
it is of her dog with Santa
and he is on his lap and licking his face
so so adorable

this is the bear basket
sorry about the crazy pic
it is too huge to take a good picture
I had to switch baskets twice I had so much stuff
Alicia goes
"Dad is gonna LOVE this"

he sent her over with my wreath
and gave her some bear lasagna
she was a happy girl
I was a happy girl
and hoping when he gets this for Christmas it 
will make him happy too

4 comments: said...

So we see the ornament, and the gift basket. Where is the wreath?

Julierose said...

Beautiful basket--and cute ornament...looks like your tree is all gussied up-nice. Hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

I love that cute ornament. We have one similar, actually it is my son's but on my tree.

Your brother is going to love that IS huge.

barbara woods said...

yesterday i saw a Christmas card and a wall plack that was of that truck and tree and though of you