Thursday, November 2, 2017

the neighbors

remember when I cleaned up this fabric
and fussy cut a buck and does

and sewed a couple pieces the size of mug rugs?

well, originally I was thinking of gifting to my brother
he has a ton of things and needs to be done

and I have a neighbor who watches the
deer out back of our homes

this will be perfect for her and her hubs
with two coffee cups
one to say BUCK  and one to say DOE

fill with a little candy or cocoa and another gift done
just have a little more sewing down of the
binding on the doe..........

binding on both is done
in the box you go my pretties

whoot whoot!

November is a month to be thankful as well as the rest of the year

Nov 1st  I am thankful for a niece named Emily who was born
Nov 2nd I am thankful to be finally feeling better

what are YOU thankful for today?
Colette reminded me of posts I did a few years back
with each day stating
what I was thankful for

I think it helps us to remember good things
that happen to us in life
amidst all the crazy and bad things happening in this world
at the moment.

3 comments: said...

Good idea for the gift. I am thankful for blogging friends.

Julierose said...

So nice to think of your neighbor--and so happy you are finally feeling better again. that is what I am thankful for, hon ;))) hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

glad you are better , i am thankful for my bbf on blogland