Sunday, November 12, 2017

the quilt I want to like

see this quilt?
yeah I like it from the front

but not so much from the back

this was the challenge quilt I was talking about
from day one it was a mess

but these cute little monkeys look cute peeking
out on the back
and I have a small piece big enough for a matching bib
if I want

I got these pieces from the bag at the quilt show
for a dollar
I have already used SO MUCH of the pieces
I have not made a dent but 
have gotten my dollars worth 

once I get the binding sewn down on the back
I will wash it and see if I like it any better
heres hoping.......

binding done
now to wash it
fingers crossed I will like it

today I am thankful for a stash that allows
me to be creative while shopping in my sewing room.........


Julierose said...

I'll bet you'll like it when it's washed and fluffed....cute monkeys...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

they will love it! said...

I like the monkeys and it will be fabulous.