Thursday, November 16, 2017

what are your fav and not so fav quilting tools?

I tried my hand at making some spool doilies
made one of yarn
and one of thread
not sure which I like the best
what do you think?

one of my favorite tools is this bobbin holder
I like to grab all my bobbins and wind them
I usually use white thread so white it is
then when I need one I just plop it in and 
keep the pedal to the metal

I also like this "pin keeper"
very high tech around here LOL
you know what it is?
the top of one of those Yankee candles
they come in handy to hold pins as I throw them off to the side
while sewing
it is heavy enough that they dont tip over
and I dont have to stick them in something
just throw em in there

and it FITS right inside my bobbin holder so handy 
dont you just love neat tools?

what do you think?
which do YOU like better?

and what are some of your favorite 
and not so favorite quilting tools?

sometimes we buy a tool
only to try it and not like it
have any of those around?
no of course not!

lookie what I got delivered!
a NEW tree
one of those skinny ones but 7 feet tall
so I think I can put regular size ornaments on it
the little desktop one could only do
the little one inch ornaments


today I am thankful for simple 
tools like the spool doily and the 
Yankee candle top that doubles
as a pin holder.


Donna said...

My favorite tool are those little binder clips! They are pricey so I bought them on a Black Friday sale last year. They are a must for holding binding in place; no more getting stuck by the pins!

sewyouquilt2 said...

hmmm may have to ask Santa for some of those. thanks! I hate getting stuck and bleeding all over my project LOL said...

I like my 1/4 inch seam guide so I can constantly check my seam. I can't think of a tool I don't love (maybe the water soluble pens for marking.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I am not a gadget person and have few 'specialty' items. I can find things to recycle for a purpose or buy it cheaper at a hardwarestore.

Julierose said...

My favorite tool has to be my Go! Baby Accuquilt cutter--I got it quite a while ago and use it constantly to cut strips ANd as for a smaller item I LOVe my binder clips AND they come in two sizes I have both and use them a lot...hugs, Julierose
P.S. Nice tree--