Thursday, November 23, 2017

what today is about Happy Thanksgiving

is it a cat?  nope

deer?  naw........

Christmas trees?  no again

nope not even bunnies..........

pumpkin may be in the picture
in the form of decorations

or if too big like this one
in the form of a nice pumpkin pie

yep TURKEY is the star of the show

today is for being thankful for all we have

and turkey!

I remember  a cute story
when one of my nieces was young
say about 5

I called her up to wish her a 
Happy Thanksgiving
and asked what she was having for dinner

she goes Auntie what are YOU having
so I told her turkey, pumpkin pie etc.

she gasped

it was so adorable
little did she know that 
millions were having the same basic meal all over the country

Today I am thankful for my blog readers and the
abundance in my life

enjoy your turkey dinner!
(I will meet you a little later for a nice
turkey sandwich and some pie.....the BEST part )

2 comments: said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Great memory.

Julierose said...

Oh the sandwich is my favorite too--all the work has been done by then, you can just gobble up that pie--or in our case an ice cream birthday cake for our grandson Steven--oh and there is also pumpkin pie for what is Thanksgiving w/o a pumpkin pie...hugs, Julierose