Sunday, December 31, 2017

the last day of the year......

this last day of the year
I will spend thinking of fun times
spent with family

I will think of the younger generation
and the fun we have had together

I will spend more time with hubs

more time dancing and having fun.........

more time smelling the flowers
even if they are late bloomers

more time enjoying little surprises
like this praying mantis

more time resting and relaxing

and eating more veggies

spending more time with friends

and asking for patience in 2018

those are my "resolutions"

do YOU make resolutions?
tonight hubs and I will probably go to bed
and set the alarm for a little before midnight
then get up 
and see the new year in

May 2018 be the BEST year YET

Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 in review

2017 had me join some friends in some slabbing fun

and this cute table topper was made
love the way the last one on the 
right looks like he has teeth LOL

finished a couple of UFOs

made a girls dream wedding come true
with last minute planning because
her husband to be was coming home on leave
for a week and they wanted to be married

finished and delivered this baby quilt
 to baby Miles who is just adorable

organized just a bit so I could use my stash
better and it did help to have it by color

made some hearts to show a friend some love

made a cover for my hard working sewing machine

partied with some special peeps

worked on my farmgirl quilt
and I am pleased so far with it
I was told that I MAY need to make FIVE of these
one for each of my nieces for the history of the farm and 
family   (oy vey)

entered a stocking contest
and lost but this little guy was cute and
worth it

built a house
so I built a lean to

made and donated pillowcases and quilt
ufos to those affected by Harvey

partied with family at a wedding that was
so fun  outdoors and pigroast
cant get any better than that

the happy first time married couple
we are so happy for them

yes Colette I said ALMOST finished
brothers quilt
this is going to be one of the first things
I do in 2018

joined a bunch of slab squares and made some
tops to be tied or quilted later on down the road

made some cute mats for the cats out of leftover
pieces that 
ahem...... SOME friends would throw away
(not mentioning any names Jacky am I ?) lol

had some quilt show fun with my buddy

and literaly RAN out the door with these
bags of scraps for ONE DOLLAR
yes you heard that right
didn't know I could RUN that fast HA HA
and some cool stuff we got in there too!

made pillowcases to donate out of fabrics I no 
longer loved as much
funny how when made into the cases
I wanted to keep them all

said Hi to Mom while displaying her pumpkin
she said Hi from Heaven <3

got some of this fun yarn

and learned that it is quick to knit up
a project with it

had fun with Dad at the Fair in NH
funny I was with Dad and two of my brothers
and we saw every "guy"thing there
but none of them knew if there were quilts 
or canning or "girl" things displayed 
I still had a great time
until the drizzle kind of fizzled our fun

these guys were fun to watch
and there were TWO teams that were controlled
by of them I swear was
50 lbs soaking wet but those horses didn't
give her any trouble at all!

celebrated nieces wedding and had the best time ever
it was PERFECT and so so fun
don't cha love the yellow sneakers?

did some canning of caramel apple jam

and applesauce

finished Mickey for grandson

finished deer topper for brothers table in 
the hunting cabin in Maine
Dunkin was inspecting my stitches to make
sure it was worthy

had a Christmas ornament making party with the 

helped niece make her Christmas gifts

and even made myself a few new dishcloths

all in all I guess I made a lot of little things
but  I did get a lot accomplished so lets
chock up 2017 to a successful year

hoping 2018 is a good one too!
how about you?
did you accomplish all that you wanted in 2017?

Friday, December 29, 2017

gonna pick THREE

after looking and seeing all the UFOs
I have
instead of the usual long list.........

I am gonna pick THREE
the first three I come across

when cleaning
that way I can touch it "once"
and get er done

remember these?
more fabric to use

and some pieces already started

Here are my self imposed rules for finishing 
some UFO s in 2018

1) clean out the mess in my sewing room
2) the first THREE UFOs I find will be the 
ones I work on to finish

Do you find that your UFOs get stalled for one
reason or another?
what causes that?
cant find a backing I like? or large enough?
dont love the fabric or pattern much anymore?
(perfect reason to finish and give to a nursing home etc)

blocks different sizes due to seams being off
( perfect way to solve adding a large border on all blocks
and trim them to size)
quilt top is waving at ya? 
(a date with Jack the seamripper is in order)

whatever the reason, FIX IT
FINISH those projects up
it will be a freeing experience

wanna join me in getting THREE done?
can be ANY project not just quilts

I am gonna take the end of the year to clean
and then will find my THREE

they will be my focus in January
why 3?
it is a SMALL number
it seems "do-able" without overwhelming me

what do ya say? wanna play?
I KNOW you have UFOs too
dont be fibbing........
Santa is STILL watching for 2018! lol