Thursday, December 7, 2017

a fun little diversion

this was a fun little diversion
did anyone ever do this type of quilt?
I forget who had the idea
but it was lining up fabric repeats
and cutting squares
to make different blocks out of the same fabric

the fun part is you could cut some the same
and when you turn the blocks around
it makes another pattern
I could play with this one all day long!

I think I ran out of this fabric
and my blocks are small
so I think I need to showcase
them by surrounding them with a plain border
and letting them shine

maybe a green or red? I tried matching something
that would go with the beige
if too light makes these look dirty
if white, same issue
maybe pull out the lighter blue color?

this is all  I have of these
and why it stalled

this was the yardage before being chopped up
and it was fabric given to me when
I worked at the curtain factory so 
no more to be had

even if I make a small wheelchair quilt
I will be happy
just gotta find a way to finish it up

5 comments: said...

Love those WBW blocks.

Julierose said...

This is really very neat--love how they can make all kinds of patterns--kind of like a kaleidiscope (sp??) shifting around...I like the idea of blue sashings/borders...hugs, Julierose

Lady Jane said...

This is going to make a pretty quilt. Neat idea. Hugs, lj

barbara woods said...

great idea

Rosemary Dickinson said...

One block wonder?? I made one a few years ago! Love the kaleidoscope look!! Yours look so pretty!