Friday, December 1, 2017

December first and the crunch is on...........

I absolutely love this yarn
it is so so soft
and has multi colors on it
you cant see them very well here

how about here?
can you tell it is slowly going from the 
beige tone to a light blue?
yarn like this make me want to knit faster
so that I can see the change in the color

I know.
little things amuse little minds
but it works!

I have this piece of flannel that I want to make
a pillowcase out of
do you think a cotton banding is ok
or do I need to shop for a flannel

this basket is shaping up so far

look how festive these deer are

and how could I NOT get them these
paper plates
guys? paper plates?  deer?

I will leave you with an old picture of Christmas 
in 1971
My Bear brother on the left
my sister in the middle
my baby brother on the right
I probably took the picture
and the deer brother was probably playing the air hockey
to the left of the picture

how fun to look back and see these memories
my sisters daughter is the spitting image of her
and the game headache under the tree LOL
do you think that was a subliminal message
from Mom for having to buy for
FIVE kiddos??? LOL

4 comments: said...

Love the deer basket. Lots of fun things. Your scarf is going to be gorgeous.

Julierose said...

love that yarn--I like any of those pretty variegated ones, too. I think your baskets will be phenomenal...cute picture--love those oldies but goodies...hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

I want to see more of that scarf / pretty. The deer basket is quite impressive.

barbara woods said...

great yarn , it will be beautiful