Saturday, December 23, 2017

getting closer to the holiday

I look kinda human again
at least the hair is outta my eyes right?
got all "gussied up" for the big day
after all it is Jesus' birthday right?

while I was making things pretty
I found more lists
if I spent as much time sewing as I do making
lists I may find the answer to more hours in a day 
ha ha
but interesting to see at the time what
I needed to do

these are plentiful too
may make a few wheelchair quilts outta these
as well

oops  one short

I had the pattern in a book
that was someone elses book
she moved away so no chance of 
getting the book to use
I think they had done dresdans 
and some meandering of the blades around the dresdan
so I can play with this one
a ton of these are all cut and sewn 
ready for a snow day to play

and dresdans galore reside in my sewing room
I know
and need to make someone happy 
with a quilt of them

and remember all that slabbing
we did?
if I controlled the colors
like this
how fun to make something framed
in white or gray

or I can see even black tomake it pop

so many ideas
I really need to retire and have fun
don't cha think?

2 comments: said...

Awe you look beautiful. So many ideas so little time.

barbara woods said...

Love your hair