Friday, December 8, 2017

getting the house ready

a special friend made me this
you all know her as Jacky
she is my buddy and means so much to me
how many of you can say you can walk
to a friends house and play in each others stash?
I thought so,

while I gussie up the house
Phoebe is resting
she helped decorate the tree and that is hard work
she had light know the lights on the tree
(they were already attached as prelit but she didnt tell me)
so her job was pretty much in the bag

this guy was admiring it from afar
checking out the perfect placement of ornaments
(so that later on he can rearrange them if so desired)

then he got bored and wanted to know 
what the secret sewing was all about

I didnt tell
and didnt let him peek either

so he decided to run away from home

Mom is shipping boxes so I will just hide in here
for now and see where I get shipped to

silly DUNKS!

2 comments: said...

Great pics. um if Dunkin rearranges ornaments don't send him this way. Lucy is eyeing my tree already.

barbara woods said...

i made that last year, must look and see if i keep it or gaver