Friday, December 29, 2017

gonna pick THREE

after looking and seeing all the UFOs
I have
instead of the usual long list.........

I am gonna pick THREE
the first three I come across

when cleaning
that way I can touch it "once"
and get er done

remember these?
more fabric to use

and some pieces already started

Here are my self imposed rules for finishing 
some UFO s in 2018

1) clean out the mess in my sewing room
2) the first THREE UFOs I find will be the 
ones I work on to finish

Do you find that your UFOs get stalled for one
reason or another?
what causes that?
cant find a backing I like? or large enough?
dont love the fabric or pattern much anymore?
(perfect reason to finish and give to a nursing home etc)

blocks different sizes due to seams being off
( perfect way to solve adding a large border on all blocks
and trim them to size)
quilt top is waving at ya? 
(a date with Jack the seamripper is in order)

whatever the reason, FIX IT
FINISH those projects up
it will be a freeing experience

wanna join me in getting THREE done?
can be ANY project not just quilts

I am gonna take the end of the year to clean
and then will find my THREE

they will be my focus in January
why 3?
it is a SMALL number
it seems "do-able" without overwhelming me

what do ya say? wanna play?
I KNOW you have UFOs too
dont be fibbing........
Santa is STILL watching for 2018! lol


Donna said...

I only have two UFO’s and I will play along!! I am always amazed at people who have dozens of UFO’s. Happy New Year Dawn!!!! said...

Are you saying 3 a month or 3 for the whole year? I was kind of working towards something like that.

barbara woods said...

that colette! Three ufo's a year

sewyouquilt2 said...

I am going to pick 3. that way not overwhelmed and I can still flit from one to the other. when these 3 are done, hopefully in 3 months, I will pick 3 more.