Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I think I need to clean out a spot

this is a UFO I had started too
you see I not only have a fabric stash
I have a yarn stash too
(you may too.......dont try to hide )
anywho I started this as a 
Christmas but not Christmas throw
I took my beigy and green and reds
burgundy colors and just did one or 2 rows
here and there to watch it grow
I should work on it as a leader ender
while I sit and rest at night for a bit
MAYBE just MAYBE I can finish it

and these are a denim weight fabric
from swatches where I used to work
they were throwing out the swatch books
and the mgr asked if I wanted them
I said yes
and cut them and sewed
it is heavy
and I wanted to tie it
I may take it apart and make some nice
wheelchair quilts that dont need batting
it is nice and warm
and some nice soft fleece or flannel will 
make a cool backing

January I think is gonna be
a month of 
"find a UFO and finish it up"
then find another and do the same

If I take One to Three at a time
and FINISH them
find out what is causing them to stall
give them a purpose


Julierose said...

Loving that denim quilt--great fabrics..tying would be perfect...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

that would really be warm