Friday, December 15, 2017

I think I need to live till I am 100

this pretty one I lost the beginning parts
hope they didnt get wrapped
with a gift!
when they show up I will try and finish this
I love this one

wouldnt this make a gorgeous quilt
in the center with some
greens and reds around it?

this bucket is still full of yarn
I guess the coming winter I will be knitting a lot

and I never found a use yet for this little piece

I have to try to make this
I think the youngest niece would go nuts
over it
and it doesnt look too hard to me
( until I start to make it right?)

be still my red truck
I gotta make me one
to go with my red truck coffee cup
oh I didnt tell you?
yeah.........and red truck new rug
and potholders and kitchen towels
my new love

these are the directions for part 3
I should get busy with it

and get some done

do you want to join me in living till you are 100?
maybe THEN I can use up all this fabric
and make all the UFOs into something
who am I kidding. 100?
more like 1000 ha ha

2 comments: said...

Um remember our FB that I was going to live to be 129 years and 34 days. I got this. :D

barbara woods said...

me to Dawn just to finish my some time list