Tuesday, December 19, 2017


remember how much I love to make these?

these would be quick and fast for some
wheelchair quilts too

they multiply quickly once the parts are cut
and I could applique maybe 4 of them
to make one wheelchair quilt

this was the elf at Landons house 
last year
you see my brother is a hunter
I know I know
and has a deer in the living room
mounted way up high 
the ceilings are cathedral
anywho, niece Kayla thought
it would be fun for the elf to hang 
there a bit
but then realized he would need a ladder
and distractions so as not to get caught LOL

this guy is getting ready for the upcoming food fest
Christmas day

does this batting make me look fat? LOL


barbara woods said...

i have one of those cut table toppers to, love it thanks

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love those kites! Wheelchair quilts would come out great!