Sunday, December 17, 2017

maybe these would make good lapquilts

I petered out after about a year
doing the 365 circle a day quilt
I used the RSC colors of that year
for the background colors too
so that I could keep the months straight
if I remember right it was going to be
WAY too large so I was going to put half a year
on the front and half on the back
but..........the months didnt always start on the same
day of the week so the colors mingled
and I didnt like it

MAYBE I can unsew some and make 6 wheelchair quilts
heck they would be just about done 
borders  back  quilt and bind

I would LOVE to play with this pattern 
I had gotten
I LOVE the hedgehog he is so cute
and the fox too 
heck who am I kidding I love them all
I could make a cute wheelchair quilt
out of this too

and dresdan.
I like the starburst in the center
how fun to make this too!

and remember a few years back
I BOUGHT someone ELSES UFO blocks?

yeah I plead temporary insanity
BUT they too would work up
rather quickly into wheelchair quilts

food for thought for sure..........

3 comments: said...

I kind of like the colors in your quilt. I think that it looks very modern.

Donna said...

So many projects, so little time!!!!������

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Nice patterns! Love your circle quilt too!