Saturday, December 16, 2017

my nieces

this is Andrea
she is a spitfire like my baby brother her Dad
love her to bits

she wanted one of these for Christmas
and a ponytail hat
you know with a hole for your ponytail?
ever see those?
 I guess they are very popular right now
among the girls

this is Alicia
my sewing buddy

and the doxie pillow is for her

this is Kayla
the niece that got married

she is getting the canvas pic for her new home

Emily is the youngest niece  2nd from left
she is the nail polish gal

and Brittany is the 2nd from the right
she is Alicias sister and loves flavored coffees

Andrea (Kays sis), Emily, Dad, Kayla,Brit, and Alicia

my favorite girls to hang with!

we had no nephews,just nieces
and then Landon
the great nephew

he is such a ham but a good kid
loves to work and wont take money
(what kid does THAT)
he says Auntie I am helping you
and I dont want money for that.

love that boy!
this snowstorm he told his Mom 
he had to sleep over his Grandmother and Grandfathers
so he could help them
he says Mom you know Vovo and Voo
cant do it
(Portuguese for Gram and Gramp)
they are too old and I wanna help

he is only seven
like his other Grandmother says
I think Landon is an old soul
what seven year old thinks
of their great grandparents and shoveling snow?


Julierose said...

Great family and photos--thanks for sharing...hugs, Julierose said...

Awe you have such a sweet beautiful family. Landon is an old soul, he is being raised to love, honor and respect.

barbara woods said...

a sweet boy, pray he stays that way