Wednesday, December 20, 2017

oh my

some people sleep on the job

whenever they can

it really doesn't matter where or how

they just know they are tired

sometimes a little work gets done

and when it is recognized it is amazing
I was recognized for my contributions at work
and was one of 7 employees nominated for
employee of the year

I was so surprised and flabbergasted
I guess they DO notice all I do
and that is a good feeling

I don't think I will win the big one
but Friday at the Christmas party is when 
they will acknowledge us and announce
who won

3 comments: said...

Obviously you don't sleep on the job like Dunkin. Great to be recognized for doing a good job.

Donna said...

Congratulations!!!! Let’s hope you get a new sewing machine or quilt fabric just for being nominated!!!! Hope you win!!!!!

barbara woods said...

hope you win, you deserve it