Thursday, December 21, 2017

ornaments that are in my shed

these ornaments will be reunited with me
next year for the larger tree
my niece made me this gingerbread house
in memory of our annual
house making party

this was made for me I believe by my 
good friend Colette

this was the bosses ornament last year

and my sewing buddy Alicia
made me this one after I pinned it on pinterest

Jackie I think gave me this beauty last year
love that next year they will join
the ones I have this year
I just am not into 
fighting the snake to get at em

and even though things dont always
go as planned
Life is Good
and I have a shirt to prove it
sis in law got me this and I love it

work will always give us a floral bouquet
and I have to put them way up high
away from the cats

and Jackie had this made for me last year

LOVE all the CHristmas decorations and memories with them
isnt that what it is all about?

2 comments: said...

I am sure if you went into the shed. Your snake is more than likely long gone. Since I am pretty sure your shed is not heated, it went to find an underground burrow, more than likely with some snakey friends to bruminate. Going underground below the frost line the temperature of the Earth stays consistent.

barbara woods said...

now might be the time to go into the shed!