Monday, December 11, 2017

planning ahead

no I am NOT finished with this years gifts
this computer issue and going thru old pics
has made me want to plan ahead a little better
and I have some HST in a box just all thrown in
until I can play
this is on the list for 2018

I am not looking forward to this at all
they are predicting for us
a long cold winter with lots of snow

remember that cutie that got married in October?
this was her when I gave her a quilt
she plopped her pillow in the laundry basket
grabbed her bunny
and wrapped in the quilt
made my heart melt...........
love love love this girl.........
she is Landons Mom
the one in white

I need to find this pattern again
I want to make one for Hubs
he loves lighthouses and the water
and this would be a perfect quilt
for him

I better start my to do list again
this is my journal book of the projects
I have made
I used to be better at recording what I had done
it made me feel like I accomplished something
as sometimes it doesnt feel that way

these too I want on the list
how fun to  gift tea in one of these
or leave off the teabag and gift with hot chocolate
cute cute and looks pretty easy

maybe I should take one month and
cut a bunch out and whip them up for the gift box

how is your holiday planning coming along?

check out Temecula quilts for a 
snowball quiltalong

ends in Feb. easy peasy and 
great way to use up scraps
I feel a snowball fight
er I mean quilt
coming on......


Julierose said...

Lovely lighthouse piece--my hubster also loves lighthouses...we have collected a few little ones each Christmas for the past three have quite an ambitious list going on there...hugs, Julierose said...

Sweet Lighthouse quilt. I have my gifts almost done!