Monday, December 4, 2017

planning for next year

next year I want to do more letters in quilts
this was fun when I made letters on the back 
of the reunion quilt
and they were not as hard as they look

I can see a quilt "santa baby"
or Merry Christmas

or  even one I saw which was the Lords prayer
I love that idea!

even a first name down the side of a quilt
would be fun dont cha think?

If I remember right I found the letters at
Temecula quilt

and I still have some of these to do up

did I tell you my idea?
yeah there is this poem about
how I wanted to go all out and get your something 
really nice as we finally hit it big
so decided on a new washer and dryer
little did I know, I
thats karma for ya right?


Julierose said...

Your lettering came out so well--I've only ever appliqued letters--never pieced them...
wishes that your washer/dryer units can be fixed up hugs, Julierose said...

I am thinking about words on quilts being my theme for the quilt challenge for guild this coming year.

barbara woods said...

i love putting them on a quilt and writing their names with fmq on their quilts