Wednesday, December 13, 2017

since we are on a quilt parade....

this one should get finished for my daughter
she misses the ocean up here
as in TN she is not near any water
and loves the beach
this one just needs more border slabs
and a backing

a closeup.......... seashells and starfish

I should make some of these for next year
how cute and fun
instead of a mugrug I would like
to make placemat sets
how fun

brother is not able to make me my feeder this year
he is being checked for heart issues
please pray that it isnt anything serious
he has been dizzy for a bit
and worries me.
he is my "bear" brother

these never got made either
I guess I just bit off more than I can chew huh
oh well
she will like the wine anyways

this didnt get made but I am hoping I can
sneak it in as a pillow

I love this to go with my red coffee cup
so Fallish and cute

these never got made either
but I love them and they will have to 
be on the 2018 list as well

3 comments: said...

Cute ideas. Sometimes we need to take smaller bites. LOL

Julierose said...

You've gotten a lot done, though--and who doesn't need a 2018 list for fun things to make...hugs, Julierose

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love these projects! You get so much done, just do what you can. This time of year gets so hectic.