Saturday, December 2, 2017

still having issues

no pictures as I am still using the laptop to post.

Sat  computer not fixed
washer not fixed......

oh you didnt know?  yeah yesterday washer broke with a full load of laundry in it.

so spent Fri night not sewing as i needed to do but bailing out the full load of water and getting
those clothes out and dried

yeah  it has been fun around here but fear not
the devil is trying to dampen my Christmas spirit and it isnt gonna happen.
just like the Grinch.........nope
Christmas is in the heart.....and spirit.........and is a happy time of sharing with others and remembering fun times and just being nice and thoughtful and considerate of one another.

thats why I hate black friday shopping. grabbing things out of others carts in a rush to the register is not my idea of the Christmas spirit at all .
maybe I am old fashioned. maybe I am one of the only ones left who believe this way.
but I will hold true to my beliefs. and I also believe you reap what you sow...........

so computer down and washer be it. I will keep smiling
and today plan on getting a haircut to help me feel better.

I DID sew some pink and purple fabrics to make a backing for granddaughters lapquilt.
deer table topper has front and back ironed and batting is out of bag and resting to uncurl a bit before layering

there is progress. LOL  I guess I needed some catastrophies huh? 
hoping I can be up and running soon......

thanks for bearing with a boring blog with no pics.........ggrrrrrrrrrrrr


Julierose said...

Not boring at all -catastrophic events that happen to SOMEONE ELSE (haha) are always interesting--but when it happens to you yourself, not so funny. hope your issues get fixed soon. Hugs, Julierose said...

Hope things take a turn for the better sweetie. Always something it seems.

barbara woods said...

hugs , maybe its better days from now on