Sunday, December 31, 2017

the last day of the year......

this last day of the year
I will spend thinking of fun times
spent with family

I will think of the younger generation
and the fun we have had together

I will spend more time with hubs

more time dancing and having fun.........

more time smelling the flowers
even if they are late bloomers

more time enjoying little surprises
like this praying mantis

more time resting and relaxing

and eating more veggies

spending more time with friends

and asking for patience in 2018

those are my "resolutions"

do YOU make resolutions?
tonight hubs and I will probably go to bed
and set the alarm for a little before midnight
then get up 
and see the new year in

May 2018 be the BEST year YET


barbara woods said...

hope Hubs really gets into making wheelchair quilts, Happy new year said...

No resolutions for me. Just looking forward to a New Year hoping for some joy and wonderful blessings.