Wednesday, January 31, 2018

a little kitty love

doesn't Dunkin look so innocent and sweet?
yeah  here he is caught on camera pushing his sister
out of the covers and just being a brat

and here he is all snuggled while I was making my 
I turned around to get this side and I got a 
"thanks Mom" look from him 
it IS all about him you know LOL

here he was at Christmas time being good
and letting his sister have her quilt
after all it IS HER quilt not his

and he is always turning on the charm
acting so cute and all

anyone have any good recipes I can make in
my magic bullet

do you have one?  
I love to chop things and make a no mess chicken salad
or a fruity drink with it

I will leave you with a wave from the King himself


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

taming a little more

not much fun to show you
I am taming the fabric stash a little more

remember these two bags for a dollar each at the 
quilt show?  yeah
lots of pieces and strips and goodies
I did end up throwing out some teeny tiny
things that I was NOT going to use
yes I did Jacky!

the rest I just sorted quick into my color bins
and if there were squares or triangles cut
I put them in my parts drawer
if it was a small piece of fabric I cut it up
and put it into the parts drawer too
5 inch blocks
2.5 inch blocks
3.5 inch blocks
and strips of all sizes are what I make
I find those are the ones most used
and how fun to have some squares all 
ready to sew!

strips are so versatile too
this was a mat for the cats
I also made mugrugs

this little bit of fun ended up as a leaf potholder

this would use strips too of different sizes
and is on the to do list as well
don't cha love the teabag zipper pull?

more strip fun

and who doesn't love a log cabin
strips again........

this too was made with strips

and even these
so you can see folks how someone elses strips
and pieces can be appealing
you get to play with new fabrics
and make something fun

cant get any better than that right?

Monday, January 29, 2018

oh boy...... trouble.......

do you remember this?

yeah this is the start of the scarf out of the yarn Amazing

this yarn.....

well I had gotten this done
and then knitted here and there and it was looking great and 
was about 3 feet long



decided to investigate

and took it off the needles when I went to help
hubs with something

and now it is in the trash







he just lost one of his nine lives for sure!

so I worked on another project

once I was on a roll I glued up 66 of them

they are like potato chips

they need to dry and then I need to coat the 
backside and let dry
then glue on the magnets

I love them
and I dnnt want MORE ufo projects LOL

Sunday, January 28, 2018

small projects to pass the time

ever get a project in your head
that you just have to make? don't do you?
that is how ufo's are born
(and I thought that scraps multiplied in the night
and they do but that's another story)

I love this little mugrug
and think that 2.5 inch scraps on the left
and a little drawing and tweaking on the right
and I can make something like this

so so cute 
maybe with the Grinch movie or book
for a little one

and there is something about this red one
that makes my heart flutter
not sure if it is the print background with the
red leaves on it 
but I LOVE IT 
and will have to try and duplicate it

in the meantime I am slabbing away again
just to clean up some scraps
I will make a piece large enough for a block
and then sew the blocks together

mindless sewing

Saturday, January 27, 2018

paint and stain

as soon as the weather outside turns nice
I will plan where this little beauty will go

yep my brother made it for me
and the box needs to be mounted 

on a tree or on the shed and it
needs to be painted or stained to keep it 
a little longer

have I ever said how much I love my brothers?????

cant wait to watch the squirrels in it
they crawl in and no matter if snowing 
or raining
they have nice dry food 
and a front row seat to watch the weather

so cute...........
and will hopefully keep them away from the
BIRD feeders

do you have a favorite gift or a favorite sibling?

Friday, January 26, 2018

summer where are you?

this is waiting for me
I cant wait to go out for my morning coffee to watch
the sun come up and the birds sing

these guys will need to be washed and refilled with soil and
the herbs do well and I will plant more

this chair is also waiting for me
to get that grill fired up and finally make pizza
on the grill

have any of you done that? my sis in law
makes a killer pizza from dough on the grill
she says the secret is to get it super hot
oil the grates and the dough
and have your topping ingredients ready
for when you flip it

cant wait Jacky!

as I dream of better weather maybe I should work on 
a Spring quilt
or maybe this beachy one

put on a little Hawaiian music

I can already feel the waves and sun

this one may do the trick as well

what are you working on??

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jan so far

I have done four of these that are in 
the gift box..........

and made three mug rugs out of tumblers that
were hanging around...........

these are starting to get slowly emptied 
of some scraps.........

I made another one of these for me

and some fun new craft will be tried

Jan has been busy so far...........
how are YOU doing?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

cleaning as I go

these guys need to be pared down a bit
they are overflowing

maybe I should use big chunks and make some of these

or should I use them by color and make more of these
I love that baby quilt
it came out so so cute!

the blues will have to go into this star quilt
project if I can unbury it in my room LOL

or maybe I should add some blues
to this and make a quick top

these were fun and addictive once the squares
were all cut
these are 2.5 but any size will work

r maybe just mix them up and make some more of these
wheelchair tops

I could use this book for some inspiration too
loved playing with the different blocks in here
see the pinwheel on the left? I want to
do that one scrappy
isn't that fun looking?

this bright cutie came out of that book
and I think a whole little quilt out
of these will make a cute kids quilt
don't you?

what are you making?

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I found some tumblers already cut
that is an invitation to play, right?

so I sewed some up 
and sewed some more
and now have THREE little mug rug tops
for mugrugs
that I can send down to my 
for Valentines
the picture above is an old one
but mine are in pinks and purples
and turquoise
(computer still not fixed)

any way  speaking of tumbling

are any of you STILL doing your farmgirl quilt
and need a little incentive to move it along?

I stalled before the holidays to get
gifts done and now
need to get back at it
I am in love so far with my blocks
I am making the 6 inch size 
and have learned a lot with that size block
(like lots of new swear words that have never 
been invented LOL)

my quilt I am thinking will be of the farm
I grew up on and I will make a journal
for the stories behind the blocks I chose to make

I have a tractor panel for the back
cheater I know but I didn't want to 
get the back and the front all with blocks because 
I make it harder than it has to be

when I told my sister in law she said to me
Dawn you need to make FIVE of these
one for each of your nieces

I never had biological children and she may be right
BUT for now I want to concentrate on 
finishing ONE LOL
my brother raised barred rock chickens
hence my striped one
and we had TWO white
piggies that we had to dig
out of the snow in the 
blizzard of 1977
yeah,,,,,white pigs, whiteout conditions
can you say SUEY!  we were calling 
and calling them so we could hear them and know where to shovel

anyway, have you made a farmgirl quilt?
are you in process of making one?
do you want to make one?

Once I get my compuer fixed I will be able to share
pics of some progress and maybe can 
go back to picking two blocks a month
to work on

are you a farmgirl?
do you have the book?
they make great potholders too if you 
want to sew along with us

check out my previous years farmgirl block choices
and some links to some extra blocks
get em while you can........

c'mon  join us
you know you wanna  LOL

Monday, January 22, 2018

one happy camper

for those of you who think that handmade
gifts don't "cut it"

 this is one of my nieces with
her two dogs
and the afghan I made out of the 
huge yarn and huge needles

she immediately went home and snuggled
in it
Lily the smaller dog jumped into her lap
and Ford the larger dog brought his toy in case 
she wanted to play

that face says it all


Sunday, January 21, 2018

I need to gather the strings

I was surfin one day   I know I was being productive LOL  and I FOUND THESE
OH MY  I fell IN LOVE.........
cant you see a bunch of them?  apples and pears and pumpkins and green peppers
all hot pads for the kitchen and out of scraps

I LOVE THESE  no pattern is given but looks simple enough
take about a 10-12 inch square of batting
string piece using flip and sew method and quilt it
make a brown loop to hang and for stem
applique a leaf
cut out shape (apples and pears are easy to draw)
sew backing    flip and sew edge   voila~
check out her blog using the link below
Karen's Korner

Saturday, January 20, 2018

any ideas for a border?

I know.........borders can be tough

I would like to turn this into a wheelchair top
it has a dark almost forest green color and some
rusty red and golds and browns in it
and I think a blue too
should I get solids?
try and mimic one of the inner borders?
turn it on point again?
what would YOU do?
it measures about 18  inches now  give or take

My friend and yours, Jacky, is making some
pouches kinda like these only hers close with a flap
so you can carry in your purse
for teabags
or equal sugar packets

aren't they the cutest?

and don't be calling the ASPCA on me
if Dunkin insists on going into my sewing room
he may as well be useful

his quarter inch seam is impeccable!  lol