Friday, January 19, 2018

any knitters out there?

do any of you knitters have any great patterns
to share?
I am a beginner  (scarves are my friend LOL)
but I would like to use up some of my yarn stash

the cotton yarn I have made dishcloths and will 
continue as I love them and use a different one
every day

but.............for my other yarn
some hats maybe?  or small projects that take one skein?

know of any good patterns?  trying to use up that stash too

I will also have to draw out this truck for my
Christmas mug rug for next year

how fun will it be in Nov to find one of these 
already done and ready to use
in my gift box LOL

hey, when I make mine you will be jealous.........
I just know it haha

3 comments: said...

I just love that mug I went on a hunt....I found it! So no I too may have a red truck mug rug.

Jeanna said...

I just finished knitting a hat last night for my trip to Virginia tomorrow. I suggest checking Ravelry, join if you haven't already. There are several free patterns out there.

barbara woods said...

never learned now quilts take up all my time