Tuesday, January 16, 2018

cats and quilts

Phoebe is waving to all my friends in blogland.........

so is DUNKIN   the copy cat lol
of course treats were involved

cats love quilts
and this one is Dunkins
it is just a scrappy string quilt
tied and has been washed a trillion
times and still looks good

and Phoebe picked this quilt when we were 
making them years ago for the nursing home
she took it out of the box THREE times
each time I washed it and put it back
after round three I said ok it is yours girl!

and as you can see she loves it
the vet laughs as she has it in the carrier when 
she goes in for her checkup
spoiled? not MY cats LOL

this is a top I need to find
I had started it as an Easter wallhanging
with Bugs and some eggs on it

love the basket fabric
need to decorate the eggs a little I think

this guy likes baskets
and hiding in them

Dunkin that WAS clean laundry
(stomping foot with folded arms)

and my Phoebe has even enjoyed
a quilt magazine or two
I kid you not
she sees me look at them and then
she stares at them like this
not knowing how to flip the pages

maybe just maybe I can teach her to sew?


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Cute Easter quilt. Your kitties are so sweet.

Donna said...

I love how Phoebe picked the quilt for herself!!! Did you know Easter is April 1 this year? It’s really early this year!

Julierose said...

Your kitties enjoying their quilts for sure---cute photos...hugs, Julierose

Lisa Boyer said...

Awwwww. Adorbs. Kitties. So sweet!

barbara woods said...

cute kiddies. Stay warm we are expecting snow IF the weather man is right

Jeanna said...

Missing a quilt top? Ask Phoebe...maybe she has claimed another one.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Hi Daun, I couldn't find an email to let you know that your blocks arrived, thank you for helping with the fire quilts project! I hope this is the right blog, LOL!!