Saturday, January 6, 2018

dreaming of warmer weather LOL

maybe I should find this UFO
it is a beachy panel that I am making
into a lap quilt for my daughter
It would make me feel warmer
that is for sure LOL

meanwhile as the snow blows and the temps
go down into the 20s 
(hey did we move to Alaska in the night?)
I will dream of my iris and garden
and warmer days

and sitting outside in the rocking chair
while my burger is cooking on the grill


yeah  back to reality
I think this one has a bunch of the 
side blocks done that just need
to be squared up
and added on

the great thing about slabbing is
you just lop off the correct size and no need to worry you
chopped points etc off your block
just pick a block for the end that has a wider piece
like the brown above
and cut it to the size you need

does anyone else out there grow pineapple plants
from the top of your pineapple?

I forgot to bring this one in so the winter will unfortunately
kill it

you take the top of the pineapple off leaving about half inch
let it dry out
then plant it right in the soil 
keep watered so it is moist and soon
you will see new growth and your plant
will have roots

My Dad used to show off
he of course had greenhouses so he
would take pics of his with a baby pineapple on it
if I had a greenhouse mine would bloom into a baby pineapple too

Dad taught us all the love of growing things with our own two hands
a lesson a lot of kids today don't receive


Julierose said...

Oooh I love that pineapple idea--your Beach slab quilt is so pretty--bringing memories of WARMER weather with it...I t was 0 degrees here this morning...with windchills -3 BRRR
Warm up cannot come soon enough for us...hugs, Julierose said...

Oh pineapple sounds fun. I think the beach slab quilt must be found and worked on. Thinking of warmer climes. :D

barbara woods said...

we are all just waiting for spring!

Donna said...

I did not know you could grow a pineapple from the top! I learned something new today! Unfortunately I did not inherit my mother’s green thumb! Hope you are staying warm!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

So sick of this cold weather! I went to work for 7 this morning. Too cold with that wind! Love the pineapple plant! Never knew that.