Monday, January 1, 2018

first UFO to work on

ok it is official
I will work on this UFO

these were my pink and purple blocks

then I added a white border to separate the colors a little
some were bright   some were muddy
so this helps unite them into one
quilt top

my Assistants approved of the executive decision
and discussed it at length LOL

it is a flimsy now and I am piecing 
the rest of my purple pink stash
into a backing for it

then I will quilt and bind

so this stalled because I had no backing
that was appropriate

solution.........MAKE ONE

meanwhile brother gifted me with THIS

I need to paint it and figure out where and 
how to mount it
but I am so so happy! 
he is such a keeper that brother of mine.......
gave me bags of apples, pumpkins
a wreath from Maine
an apple pie
a blueberry pie
and this squirrel feeder
LOVE him!  and he loved his bear basket!
I also threw in some jars of peanut
butter for the bears
who knew they like peanut butter?

As I paw through the pinks and purples
I am thinking of next years
Christmas gifts
this one is calling to me
I have 6 grandsons
and one granddaughter
so some of those grandsons
are into hockey
some football
some baseball

and these look pretty easy
I will FINISH my UFOs first
BEFORE I can start something else

and to clean up little pieces these are cute too
for neighbors
tea held in little holders
I am seeing them with a ribbon on top
to put on the tree

what are YOU working on for the first day of 2018?

they say what you do on the first day of the year
you will be doing all year long

I am gonna go sew!

2 comments: said...

Paper piecing after I get a little breakfast.

barbara woods said...

going to do some sewing