Saturday, January 13, 2018

how do you celebrate Valentines

do you make heart shaped coasters?

or quilt blocks? or a quilt?

do you send flowers?

or make a special mug rug?

or a doll quilt for a granddaughter?

or make a favorite meal?

I am looking for some Valentine ideas for hubs and also
daughter and family.

anyone have some cool projects they do 
or have seen?

4 comments: said...

I don't do much for my kids. I usually send my grand kids a little card with a couple of dollars. I usually made something for Jeff. He usually bought me roses.

Donna said...

I use to make heart shaped, decorated sugar cookies for my nieces and nephews when they were younger and I lived close. They loved them! Hubby and I usually stay home and cook dinner together. Sorry Dawn, we are really boring!!!!!

barbara woods said...

Hubby gets me a card and candy , I cook him a good dinner

Jeanna said...

I used to make a really large heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie for my husband and kids. These days I'm lucky to remember what day it is...LOL.