Thursday, January 4, 2018

my niece has an idea

my doxie niece
(yeah dont go there.......I KNOW I never finished
her doxie pillow.......this will be the year)
this was her card this year
so adorable
her dog Brody was Sooooo
excited to see Santa
it was so cute

she made everyone these
here they are drying before the scarves were added

she also made this for me
I love it

and lent me these to knit afghans

then when I got behind SHE
knitted up three of them for me for my gifts

Did I say I love this girl???

this is an idea she has for her
Dad for an ornament on next years tree
(they are the hunters with the cabin in Maine)

and these too
we never got to make them
 of salt dough

and she saw this too. but her Dad 
would not wear it
would make a nice pillow for him
but kinda pricey

but this may be a cute pillow too
hee hee

here she is with Allen her significant other
she is my girl
and my sewing buddy

we are already making our 2018 Christmas project

I am so proud of her
she made 13 gifts and spent a little over 200
not too bad
those cute snowmen cost under 5 dollars to make
and she gave one to each of her Aunts
and her Mom
they are so adorable too!

she and I also went shopping and she got some
free deals
if you  bought a pair of mens gloves with long cuffs
they gave you a gift card to the store for the same amount
 she got the gloves. I bought the card from her
she then got her Mom slippers and some other things
and she paid 20 dollars out of pocket.
she goes Auntie I did awesome this year on my budget!
and she got some awesome gifts for everyone too.

 she spent 5 bucks on a buffalo plaid fleece blanket
and made pillow covers for my couch pillows
for me
they match my stockings with the red truck!
you see Christmas is NOT about how much you spend
it is about how much of YOU that you give

and it was perfect...........


Donna said...

You are so right Dawn, Christmas presents mean more when there is thought put into making them!!! Your niece is precious!!!! I love the hunting t-shirt and towel!!! My dad was a big hunter but sadly no hunters left in our family. said...

She did an awesome job staying in budget. How did she make her snowmen ornies?

Jeanna said...

I need lessons from your two. The gifts were very thoughtful.

barbara woods said...

me to, how did she makes those?

Rosemary Dickinson said...

It sounds like you two had fun and saved money at the same time. Great gift ideas too!!