Monday, January 29, 2018

oh boy...... trouble.......

do you remember this?

yeah this is the start of the scarf out of the yarn Amazing

this yarn.....

well I had gotten this done
and then knitted here and there and it was looking great and 
was about 3 feet long



decided to investigate

and took it off the needles when I went to help
hubs with something

and now it is in the trash







he just lost one of his nine lives for sure!

so I worked on another project

once I was on a roll I glued up 66 of them

they are like potato chips

they need to dry and then I need to coat the 
backside and let dry
then glue on the magnets

I love them
and I dnnt want MORE ufo projects LOL


Julierose said...

Ohhh loving those cute...
Dunkin needs to get away from the sewing machine and pick up the needles and get busy (LOL) I hate picking up stitches--usually I just rip-it out and start again...much easier...just sayin' hugs, Julierose said...

Love the magnets. They would be fabulous in your prize box.

Jeanna said...

Ruh Roh Dunkin! How sad about the scarf project but your magnets are coming along. Such a great idea.