Thursday, January 18, 2018

remember this?

I had played with some 3.5 inch squares one day
and then put them away
I had rows of them sewn
2x2   4x4  8x8  etc

I pulled them out of the tin and played some more
if I sew 12 of them it is 36 inches
the size  I need for wheelchair quilt

Dunkin supervised
and I made a top 12 rows x 12 squares
and all was good

THEN  a EUREKA moment!
take a look at this panel
yes.the squares mimic the background quilt LOL

so I cut it up to 12.5 and sewed on  a border of the squares

I will add more until it is the 36 inch size I need and there will be a wheelchair quilt
that co ordinates with the other  one
for man and wife?
two close friends?  

I like it........mindless but productive sewing..........

4 comments: said...

Good job that will be a great wheelchair quilt.

Jeanna said...

Oh you make the most of your sewing time. These quilts are going to be nice donations.

barbara woods said...


Lady Jane said...

love the squares but that panel is sooooo cute... hugs, lj