Sunday, January 14, 2018

staying cozy and busy

I was gifted some chocolates
this holiday season
in those fancy schmancy tins
I have about 10 or so of them and each one
is fabulous to hold a project together
pattern , pieces and sewn block
keeps me  uh hmmmm
organized haha

I have two that are empty that need 
a UFO project put in
so that I can just grab one and finish it

in the meantime I will be cozy by the fire

knitting away 
this scarf is so so fun   the color changes are fun to see
some are color blocks 
and other sections there is one row only
of a color within the color block

so interesting to keep knitting with it
started out beigy
and now is bluesy
and on the skein next is a rosy color

hoping that it will end on the beigy tone again
we will see

only time will tell once
the scarf is done...........

then into the gift box it will go
are your hands idle?
what are YOU making?

4 comments: said...

No idle hands. You know what they say Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

barbara woods said...

working all the time except when i read blogs that is

Rosemary Dickinson said...

This is a good time to keep busy! How did it get so cold again!??

Jeanna said...

It will be interesting to see all the colors of the scarf and how it ends. I'm trying to finish up a BOM project from last year, have the last three blocks cut, just need to sew them together. I'm also knitting another Saku hat, this one for myself since I have to travel to Alexandria, VA Jan 20 - 29.