Friday, January 5, 2018


this is lurking somewhere in my room
and I think it is sewn together
and was about halfway done for the size I wanted

I did it last year as  a leader ender project
and it got put to the wayside
when other projects had to be done
for gifts

I think this was another stall reason
the ends need to be opposite
and if I started them all the same way
they ended up the same
so it involves picking out one tumbler
and sewing it to the opposite end

and I dont know where this tub is buried
probably under some UFO pile

but once I find it
I need to clear it out and maybe make
a wheelchair lap quilt out of it
do you know where YOUR UFOs are living?


Jeanna said...

Sadly, my UFOs are staring me dead in the face! Such pressure...LOL. I find that a tumbler quilt is one that I constantly have to have laid out somewhere while I sew or I mess up the direction. Hope you find yours soon. said...

My UFO's came out of the closet...and I still forgot a couple. Oy vey.

barbara woods said...

on my sewing table waiting for me to get to them

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Great way to use up scraps! Hate dealing with UFO's. Mine are still hiding somewhere!