Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I found some tumblers already cut
that is an invitation to play, right?

so I sewed some up 
and sewed some more
and now have THREE little mug rug tops
for mugrugs
that I can send down to my 
for Valentines
the picture above is an old one
but mine are in pinks and purples
and turquoise
(computer still not fixed)

any way  speaking of tumbling

are any of you STILL doing your farmgirl quilt
and need a little incentive to move it along?

I stalled before the holidays to get
gifts done and now
need to get back at it
I am in love so far with my blocks
I am making the 6 inch size 
and have learned a lot with that size block
(like lots of new swear words that have never 
been invented LOL)

my quilt I am thinking will be of the farm
I grew up on and I will make a journal
for the stories behind the blocks I chose to make

I have a tractor panel for the back
cheater I know but I didn't want to 
get the back and the front all with blocks because 
I make it harder than it has to be

when I told my sister in law she said to me
Dawn you need to make FIVE of these
one for each of your nieces

I never had biological children and she may be right
BUT for now I want to concentrate on 
finishing ONE LOL
my brother raised barred rock chickens
hence my striped one
and we had TWO white
piggies that we had to dig
out of the snow in the 
blizzard of 1977
yeah,,,,,white pigs, whiteout conditions
can you say SUEY!  we were calling 
and calling them so we could hear them and know where to shovel

anyway, have you made a farmgirl quilt?
are you in process of making one?
do you want to make one?

Once I get my compuer fixed I will be able to share
pics of some progress and maybe can 
go back to picking two blocks a month
to work on

are you a farmgirl?
do you have the book?
they make great potholders too if you 
want to sew along with us

check out my previous years farmgirl block choices
and some links to some extra blocks
get em while you can........

c'mon  join us
you know you wanna  LOL


Julierose said...

I love your memory Farm Girl piece--those white piggies are so funny...keep at it--it will be gorgeous..as for 6 more--well, you've got to be kidding, right? hugs, Julierose (rotflol)

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

ROFL.....sure.....they are nothing to make, especially at the 6 inch size. :D

Jeanna said...

I only have about 9 blocks to go. My FGV quilt is still on the list...

barbara woods said...

mine is made , Yah