Tuesday, January 2, 2018

we may have another reunion

we have had a lot of sadness around the holiday
this past year
 one cousin found out her hubs has stage 4 lung cancer
and then she had her furnace die on her
 in New England  in WINTER
so we all sent in what we could around the holidays
so she could get a new furnace

then another cousin at 56 suddenly passed away
5 days before Chrisrmas
we were all in shock
and kinda in a funk

so someone mentioned a family reunion
on that side of the family 
(not the same ones we did for before)
and so everyone is pitching in with
I'm in, I'll help etc 

so ..........once we figure out who is 
on what committee and when we will do this
we can get started
I am thinking of some little things like before
for prizes for games etc.

these were popular  
chapstick keychains

and these coloring crayon roll ups

they were a hit too
and so easy to make

I may enlist hubs to put in some grommets
 and make some potholders

that will help me make a lot of them
production line style

as long as this stuff stays away
and keeps me 
from shoveling and taking away my precious time

these two crack me up
one minute they are lovey dovey

then off one will go to claim
another territory

then back together again

then by himself claiming Daddys chair

the gal on the left is my granddaughter
her birthday is the day after Christmas

stinks for her and for all of us LOL
she just turned TEN
and is the cutest thing

and a good little baker
hee hee
she sure does LOVE her sprinkles ha ha


I think I need to use this more this year
and make some healthy drinks
with fruits and veggies
anyone have any good recipes I can try?

I will leave you to ponder this
this is my hubs solution to a problem
looks real nice when you come in the front door right?

because if you dont block the credenza somehow

THIS happens
all my linens become a bed for the KING

he opens the door on the end
(the other end is pantry stuff - he doesnt want that)
and then proceeds to fluff up a bed out of the
tablecloths and napkins etc.
oh yeah........ just for fun
I used to wash them every time he did it
now I just wait and wash them
right before I need them
otherwise they will be all worn out 
before I use them
little booger!

this was another solution

yeah I could start a new trend in 
Better Homes and Gardens
ya think??


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I am sorry for the troubles your family is having. Bobbin and Lucy are frienemies. I like your final solution to the Dunkin/linen problem. :D

Jeanna said...

So sorry for the recent sadness your family has endured. Praying for healing and peace for everyone.

Cute kitties, you just can't be angry.

barbara woods said...

prays for your family Dawn Hugs to you my friend

Donna said...

Dawn, sorry to hear about your family’s troubles at the holidays. Our family had some too and Christmas was more subdued. Cats are so stinking smart! I like your and your hubby’s solution to the problem!!!!