Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Almost done for baby

I made the girl baby quilt
With the help from jackys stash
Had a few pink and purple squares
And she gaveme more purple.
Got the idea of a border of the purple ones
Now to quilt and bind it

And I just have to show you my goodies
From Julierose
She is such a sweetiepie
She even wrapped it all fancy like for
Lil old me

Sunflowers and oranges and pears

A fun sewing print and a notepad
See what I mean?  She is a sweetie
Thanks sgain Julie. I cant wait to play!

Dunkin wanted to make sure
The quilt was soft and comfy for a baby

He kept looking around and rolling
In it

Yep it passed the test
Now to quilt it and make some bibs and burp cloths to go with it.
What are you up to?
Anyone else doing farmgirl? 
Or are you making other fun things
Inquiring minds want to know.....


Julierose said...

So happy you liked my little cheering up gift
I like your pink/purple baby quilt a lot...so cute hugs, Julierose

Donna said...

The baby quilt is really cute! I love the pinks and purples! What a sweet friend you have with Julierose!

Jeanna said...

Nice gifties from Julierose. She was so generous.

Dunkin is always so entertaining.

I have only been able to sew one block a day for my temperature quilt. My sewing room is such a mess because I'm trying to find a way to add another table and sewing machine...ugh!

barbara woods said...

great colors for a baby quilt when you don't know the sex.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Fun baby quilt, and wonderful gifties from JulieRose.