Tuesday, February 6, 2018

charity work

I am so happy
I have made two tops like this one .............

one top using the same color blocks as a border 
for this one...........

and two small slab block tops

all about 36 ish square
for wheelchair lap quilts

I will angle the bottom two corners
to help stop the quilt from getting
into the wheels

and add a double pocket in the top portion
to carry tissues etc and warm cold hands

I now have to assembly line do that and quilt them up
I want to have a pile of them at the ready

THEN I will work on 
2018 Christmas projects

I already did a lot of my magnets
so I have a start on it already

hey a cute set of magnets
goes with a food gift  (think fridge)
or a paper gift  think notes
or kitchen gift  think potholders, towels

it is just a cute stocking stuffer as well
see?  very fun useful little gift

so far made over 60 Christmas magnets
and over 60 quilty magnets

and today I finished my sheep
am waiting for the (*)(*&^ picture to come
to my email so I can show you

I have a stupid phone (not a smart phone)
and it is run by a stupid operator
so this could take a while

I wish I had my old system back........

soon my friends. soon (I hope)


Donna said...

Your wheelchair quilts are coming along! They will be so appreciated by the people receiving them! Glad you are working on Christmas gifts! It seems like we just celebrated Christmas but it will be here again in no time!!

Jeanna said...

The wheelchair quilts are lovely and it is very generous of you. The magnets are such a great idea for gifts. Hope your computer woes come to an end soon.

barbara woods said...

great wheel chair quilts