Saturday, February 10, 2018

decisions decisions decisions.........

in looking at the farm so far, I am thinking
it wont really matter if the house
is white and there is a darker background
as so many of my blocks are that
way already anyhow

I am thinking a white house
(we had a white cape house)
and maybe in the windows
fussy cut some of us kiddos

have to find 3 boys and 2 girls
how cool would that be?  for the 5 of us

some of my blues are a little dark
will have to dig deeper

Our house was very similar to mine
mine is a light gray with blue shutters
we had white with blue shutters

so this is the look I think I will go for 

will see if I can fussy cut 5 kids for the window areas
and then decide on background

now to find fabric to match the image in my head

in the meantime
here is the link for the cake block if you are interested
I made mine a chocolate cake YUM

great birthday wallhanging
or potholders
or tabletopper

so many ideas for this block
I made the 6 inch for my farm

we have a story about butter on your nose for your birthday
don't know why........but we did........

Here is Jackys cake.
so so cute

mine is chocolate with chocolate frosting
hopefully I can take its picture soon and show you


Julierose said...

This is such a darling quilt, Dawn--and so full of your own family memories--I really like how you're going on with this one...hugs, Julierose

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I like the variation of colors you have used for your backgrounds. It makes the quilt more interesting. =)

barbara woods said...

got the cake pattern, thanks . your quilt is going to be great said...

I like the different background colors for the blocks.

Jeanna said...

Fussy cutting kids for the windows is a great idea. Jacky's cake is adorable, I love the added lace.