Monday, February 5, 2018

farmgirl fun

ok ladies
pickin it up where I left off I think......

these are the blocks we had done.........I sort of remember
the house block and the sheep that I didn't get to do

we will start with the house block
and the sheep block
(hey I am the leader I can repeat if I want LOL)

for Feb lets make a house block and a sheep

if you have already made these blocks, feel free
to make another that you need for
YOUR farmgirl vintage quilt

I am making my quilt with the story of
our farm so not all blocks in the book will pertain
to my farm 
and mine will be the six inch size 
yeah I am crazy  

so I am adding some of the
extras we found on the internet

like the birthday cake
the sewing machine
and some others

see my previous posts on farmgirl
for those links
you are welcome

my buddy Colette sent me the bus
that I was looking for
(my Mom drove school bus) 

what do you say?
wanna join us?

let me know in comments so we know who
is joining us in finishing our farms

once I get this computer issue fixed 
(yeah not yet   gotta pay off some 
Christmas first and get eyes fixed)

then I can take better pics and download them
with the camera and not the phone
we all want to see each others...........

if you don't want to make the whole quilt
what about some potholders?
or cute wall hangings?
the sheep in the 12 inch would make an 
adorable Easter wall hanging

just sayin.........

and Easter is on APRIL 1st this year
Easter and APril Fools on the same day

think ahead...........CHRISTMAS?
tote bags

all great ways to use the blocks
and you can join us in the fun

what'd ya say?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, so glad you are starting this again. I plan to use a mix of the old 30's fabrics I picked up at our guild swap along with my new 30's. said...

Hey I am ahead if we are doing sheep and the house!

Julierose said...

Looking forward to seeing your house and sheep blocks...this is such a wonderful project so many memories in it...hugs, Julierose

Lady Jane said...

love these blocks. yes, they would make some great Christmas ideas.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I forgot you were working on this project. I love all of these blocks. So fun!