Saturday, February 17, 2018


I cut out more of these
I am thinking I may need a row of them different
heights with some sunflowers on them
maybe the chickens and hen can hide at the bottom in

another funny story

our chickens laying production went
way down
and our neighbor chickens used to
come in our yard all the time scratching
up flower beds etc looking for bugs to eat

one day my Dad is putting up the flag
on the flagpole and his boot kicked out what he
first thought was a rock
it was an egg
the wayward chicken was trying to make a nest

he picked it up and took it in the house
the next day, same thing
she kept giving him an egg
he cracked up
I guess her gift for feeding her some bugs
was to give him an egg daily for a bit 

life on the farm..........


Julierose said...

Oh what a funny story!! I LOVE your little sprouts--thinking sunflowers would be great on them--hmmm, maybe I NEED to do a can never have too many sprouts around...
hugs, Julierose

Julierose said...

Hmmm I just noticed you posted at 2 AM????
Are you sleeping at all?? Get some rest gal...take care, Julierose;ooo said...

Such a cute story.

barbara woods said...

really working hard , take it easy sometime and rest. hope your dad does great

Jeanna said...

That story is too funny.