Thursday, February 8, 2018

gotta get to work on the farm

the house and sheep are the two blocks I need
to get busy with

hmmm.......  what color should my house be?
we had a white house so then I would
need different background colors
gotta make a decision and run with it

Dunkin was pondering the possibilities

and I was trying to avoid squirrels

thought I would peruse some "farm pics" to put me
in the mood

these are from the Deerfield Fair
where I had a great time with Dad
and two of my brothers
watching the horse and oxen pulling
I even saw one of the truck drivers
that I weigh from work ha ha

we used to raise one cow with my uncle
and in the Fall into the freezer it would go
my Dad kept it at uncles house so we wouldn't 
"see it and name it" because 
who could eat their pet?

now I m in the mood for some farmgirl fun...........

are you?

3 comments: said...

Great pictures. You need a blue sky behind your white house.

barbara woods said...

great place to start

Jeanna said...

I am so close to finishing the blocks in the book but just can't seem to get around to it. Maybe you will inspire me :)