Monday, February 12, 2018

more pics

these are some of the wheelchair tops
I have done

this one was made with some scrappy
slabs I had sewn
one morning during cleanup

this was a charmpack I was not going
to be using so I sewed them into a 

this one needs more squares cut
but I like how it matched
the other one
and also the panel quilt
will be good for a couple
or two friends

and here is my Phoebe
those big green eyes

love her
Hey Mom   
you got a new camera there?
I'll let you take my picture
how do I look?


Lady Jane said...

Your tops are awesome. To borrow a saying, those eyes, they mesmerize... Hugs, LJ

Donna said...

You have been a busy girl! Phoebe is a cutie!

Julierose said...

Great tops! "Green eyes, la la, la la la, laaa --green eyes..." I can see her twirling around to the music....hugs, Julierose said...

Good job getting so much done Now you are going to inundate us with pics of everything.....LOL.

barbara woods said...

love your quilts

Jeanna said...

Love the quilts and Phoebe has beautiful eyes!