Thursday, February 15, 2018

quilting fun

this is the other one of the twin quilt tops
that will go for a couple or friends
love it

and remember the strip quilt apple I showed you?
this is my version
not done yet
but getting there
just need to find a back
and another layer of batt
and put the stem in

and here is the pear 
needs to be quilted and then the back etc
like the apple

it is so nicely holding the stem
loop for the apple

I love the colors so far
and will see how I like them when
they are done
cute cute and so far not too fussy
or fiddly to make

I drew out a pattern on a regular size copy paper
then found a piece of batting a little bigger
pulled the colors I needed in strips
sewed the strips onto the batting
sew and flip style
then quilted the opposite way
(like the apple)
and then will add another layer or batt and a back and sew right sides 
flip and top stitch near edge and I think 
that will be it

if anyone wants the pattern 
I already drew out
let me know and I will mail you
off one
how cute would eggplant colors be on the pear shape
or orange on the apple shape for a pumpkin

so many possibilities


Julierose said...

Really cute fruit blocks!! I love quilt as you go methods...hugs, Julierose said...

Very pretty. Turned out so very cute.

barbara woods said...

love making little things

Jeanna said...

So cute.