Saturday, March 31, 2018

It's like Christmas again

Look at this
When I went to our mailroom there were 
Two trash bags of fabrics with a sign
so I  peeked and it was quilting fabric
So I looked around like a thief and loaded
Them into my car and headed home
I called my buddy Jacky 
Did she clean out her room and I just stole it? Lol
So I said I will be right over

We organized them by color
And split the goods 
Only a few pieces got trashed
I was thrilled my yellow and orange
Stash was low and i got some good pieces

Look at this cutie
So fun to see others 
Tastes in fabrics

Look at this lightening fabric
How  cool for a 
Halloween quilt or landscape one

DUNKIN likes to paw thru fabric too!

Here are more of those migration blocks
I am up to 12 now

See them? Lets look a little

Much better
I am having fun with these so far
And look
Mostly reds and oranges
Funny how my stash bins
Are all blues and greens lol


Friday, March 30, 2018

The geese need to fly north

These squirrels are geese
Geese migration quilt that is
What? You dont see geese here?
Nope they wont come north until
It gets warmer....just sayin

But with my 2.5 inch squares
Already cut waiting to play
I am finding it easy to
Put together the gradations 
Then chain web them

See?  I have five of them already
These were done in between sewing
Other things before I go to work
If I can do it, you surely can too.

Landons deer?  Brothers deer?
Bags? Easter runners?
Whose counting the new ufos I am 
What squirrels are you chasing?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Do you web as you chain

Do you web as you chain?
What do I mean?
As you sew you dont cut them apart
Then when you sew the rows they are
Already in the right spot for you

See? These rows are sewn but
Webbed so they are ready for me
To sew together

I love easy tricks dont you?
Do you have any neat tricks?

This fabric looks like a good 
Backing for a runner to me

This is the scarf I finished
I like the way the colors
Change from gray to blue

You can see it a little here
Love little surprises like that

Well I have two runners to get
Done for Easter 
Think I can do it?
And no it BETTER NOT take 15 years 

I heard 


Wash rinse repeat

Pulled oranges for the next block

Have a yellow one done
AND a reddish one
Ignore the food magazine in the 
We always get caught with food
Dont we? Lol

And Jacky is almost done with this
Quilt too. She is cooking and baking up
A storm for the Easter weekend
I am making a small ham just hubs and I
Hopefully I can SEW insurance check and yesterday siding got fixed

Me and my buddy wish you a wash rinse
Repeat day to get er done

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

As I wait I create

Does anyone else have this problem?
I guess I cant sit still lol
The hands have to be busy 24/7
Hubs had an eye dr apt for an issue
So it was gonna
Be a few hours. I chose these two odd
Balls of yarn and my needles and off I went

Hmmm.  Interesting 
The blue goes gray to blue
And greens
I finished a scarf
That just needs the ends woven in

Like this one which used the unlikely
Combo of brown and purple varieagated

And this gray and eyelash yarn

I may be onto something here
Using up the yarn two at a time
And if I can make enough of these scarves 
I will pay them forward as most of the yarn
Was given to me or a one pretty skein
On sale

And a few more of these were made
Using 1.5 inch strips they sew up quickly
What are you working on?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Getting the stash down

This is my overflowing
Tin of 2.5 inch squares
These are the squares that
Keep multiplying
Even after the many
Projects I have made 
Yellow quilt,green one,many
Zip bags, red quilt, baby star quilt,
And so on. 

This is the start of the
Geese migration on
Quilting is more fun than housework
Will have to just do the geese
Portions later

Here is the second one maybe
In pink tones

And the 1.5 strips are multiplying too
So these small 9 patches will be
Another leader ender project
When I cleaned lately I found
Lots of squares and strips
And have a tin with ufo blocks too.
They will be made into a top
One day
And these little parts may help to unify
The odd parts

What are you making?
That plaid quilt was Jackys 
For those who said that
She is over half way done sewing
On the binding so good chance 
It will be given to her grandson
This Sat. Wish I could see his face

Saturday, March 24, 2018

A fifteen year job

This quilt is 15 years
In the making
All plaids and so pretty 

See the real colors?

It is whose quilt?
Or Jackys?

This is a golfer quilted in

This is the baseball quilt 

And a turtle
So many cute quilt motifs
For a special man
Just needs the binding
So whose quilt is it?

From slabs to strips

Found a tin with some of these
Blocks in it
So grabbed two strips 
Inch and a half and sewed them up
Cut them inch and a half
And made another block
I will put my inch and a half
Long strips away for this 
Mindless sewing
They are cute little blocks
That will make a neat quilt 
Block by adding a solid
And making a 9 patch within
A 9 patch
Use them in a border........
Or what have you 

This is why I stopped.
Empty bobbin syndrome

Gonna spend some time winding
About ten of these puppies
So I can put the pedal to the metal

What are YOU up to?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Who says you cant teach an old cat new tricks

Dunkin is learning how to do 

See how nicely he folds them
To prevent fur and wrinkles?

And Phoebe is learning how to iron
Without burning herself lol
After all I keep them pretty well 
Fed and in treats
The least they can do is help
Out a little,right?

So far for 2018 I have finished
The following.......
(I know.....a new trick for me too)
11 zippy bags
A fall bag
Blue and yellow card trick topper 
Fall slab pumpkin topper 
Pink green yellow kite topper
Mini quilts for Jacky
My sewing machine mat
A knit scarf
A knit dishcloth
Not too bad so far

Now to finish two Easter runners 
A pink and purple baby quilt 
With burp cloth
And a deer quilt for Landon .
All of these
Need to be done 
Along with a raccoon block for my farm girl vintage quilt
Never enough hours in a day
Whats being made in your room?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Put on your Easter bonnet

I dont suppose many of you remember
That  song.....put on your Easter bonnet 
With all the frills upon it..... I  was finishing up ufos 
I kinda got distracted
With some Easter fabric 
And made a bunny table topper 


This is the chickie one
That I hand sewed in
Isnt he adorable?

No pattern for either one
I just picked fabrics and kinda
Cut shapes for eggs
And a chickie
And a bunny

Now to finish them in time for the

Whats in your Easter parade?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Slabbing again

Color slabs
This time I made each one
Of the same colorway
Then trimmed them

So I sewed some into rows
And I like it

I also moved this along
A little more
This is the star quilt
From butterfly threads
I wanted mine in blues

These went back in my tin
For another day of play

Today is another snow day

Anyone have a nice warm
I can stay in?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Learning new tricks

Anyone ever make twin sisters?
These are so easy using 2 1/2 inch strips
Sharon of
 Vrooman quilts made some

First pick 2 strips they need to be about
20 inches long
Sew them together

Then subcut to 4.5 inch squares
And cut four of them for the pair 
Cut corner to corner
Put the like ones together
Sew them up

And voila
A two for quilt
Great for twins
As they use the same
Fabrics big in different position in the block
Always love learning new tricks
Do you?