Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Another easy finish

Found some brown for the back
This will be so cute on the table
This fall

Is everyone with projects to the max?
Wanna have some fun?
What if we each take a ufo block
Then post it
Then all who want to play
Will help to finish it

Post one ufo block
State whether you want the same colors
Or contrasting colors etc
The other players all make you
Some blocks or borders
As you get them you add to your
Cenfer making a small quilt

What cha say? You in
Kind of a stayround robin
If you start with a 12 block
And another block is sent
Try cutting it up to make
Parts forthe next row 
Make the center on point with them
Use your imagination
Send little logs and use as cornerstones

Let me know if any interest
In playing and i will
Set it up

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